Help build a safe cycle path between Totnes and Stoke Gabriel


Help our campaign for a cycle path between Stoke Gabriel and Totnes by signing our petition. Thanks.

We are calling on your support for a cycle path between Stoke Gabriel and Totnes.

Stoke Gabriel lies just three miles from Totnes, yet there is no safe and traffic-free route for cyclists and walkers between the village and town.

The A385 is fast and dangerous, forcing people into their vehicles.

Every day many people travel to, commute and work in Totnes and beyond.

A safe, traffic-free, direct cycle path would reduce congestion and air pollution levels. It could save many thousands of motor vehicle trips each year.

It would encourage people of all ages and abilities to travel actively to work and for leisure, improving the health of local residents.

It could also draw more tourism into the village with a path that is free of motorised vehicles.

This petition aims to build local support for the scheme and persuade decision makers that we need the cycle path now!

Please help make this happen by signing this petition now and commenting on how it would benefit you.

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